Little Big MMO
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January 1, 2012


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Created in 2012 by Erhune and Grouroux, Little Big MMO is the studio behind Gangs of Space. Two people working on the game of their dreams, two friends who decide to go on the risky path of independent game development.


Both former employees of the renowned company Ankama, Erhune and Grouroux met in Roubaix’s Headquarters before heading to Japan and join the Japanese team in charge of managing Dofus and Wakfu’s Asian versions. Passionate about Shmup and MMO, their lives in Tokyo changed in a matter of days in 2011, after the earthquake and the tsunami that led to the Fukushima disaster. Facing the amplitude of the catastrophe, their values and views of the world changed. After a few months and their return to France, they decide to develop Gangs of Space, a mix between Ehrune’s passion for Shmup and the MMO that Grouroux is so fond of.

The game had many lives, it even took a shot at 4X type of games, but its essence always remained the same : a cooperative shmup with a hint of rogue like. Their game design was awarded at the Bit Summit 2014, pushing them to keep on the way they decided together. However, after working on their version for years, something was missing, something was lost. The game was real, but the pleasure had given ways to many constraints and lead the duo to dislike their own creation.

What could change their hearts ? How could they turn their back to the game they spent so much energy creating with passion ? What could be missing ? A simple thing, a really important one but easy to lose sight of : the fun. After weeks of deep introspection and doubts, the duo wipe the slate clean and come back to the essence of their game, the shmup, the MMO and the immediate fun.

Today, they are happy to play and proud to develop a title that finally looks like them and respect both their original vision and the players that believed in the project since the very beginning.

Steam’s Early Access is a new step for Gangs of Space Erhune and Grouroux want the game to be easily accessible to anyone, and that’s why they decided to release it Free To Play, with 3 fixed prices upgrades packs, but no microtransactions or in game shop whatsoever ! Doing otherwise would not be compatible with their original vision and would not be respectful to their player base. They want players to enjoy playing, either it’s for hours, weeks or years without being ever pushed to buy new accessories or pay to access blocked content.



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