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August 10th 2017

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For the Empire, the conquest of galaxies is just a game. But for you, it's your job.

Gangs of Space is an indie Rogue Shmup MMO developed with love by Grouroux and Erhune. Since 2012, we've been working on a sophisticated recipe that produces a unique gameplay:

  • Take a handful of projectiles, another of vicious enemies and a few ripe bosses
  • Add a good amount of ships, abilities and equipment
  • Sprinkle with a light dost of randomness for a pleasant change
  • Mix strongly with a good amount of teamwork and conquest until your preparation becomes epic
  • Your game is ready to serve!

Game features


Part-Shmup, part-Hack'n Slash. Your skill will be your important asset in order to avoid the myriad of enemy bullets. In addition, chosing the right abilities and equipment for your ship will transform you in a formidable space predator. But get your tissues ready: here, every death is permanent!

Roguelike RPG

Chose a ship among multiple classes, and level it over 10 quick levels. Create a unique build and optimize it by looting equipment from the fuming wrecks of your enemies. Over time, you will complete class objectives and unlock new build choices that will enhance the possibilities of your next ships.

Interfaces 1160

MMO conquest

The goal of Gangs of Space is simple: conquer the Galaxy in the name of the Empire! Whether you go solo-hunting or gather a squad of talented Gang-mates, the only important thing is that: conquer more and more sectors.
When the Galaxy is fully conquered, players and Gangs receive rewards based on their rank in various ladders. A new conquest campaign then starts, in a new unknown Galaxy.

Conquest 1160


Gang of Space’s purpose is to conquer whole galaxies for your Gang and the Empire. To do so, you’ll need to choose a ship among the classes and models available, and build it according to your needs or your desires. Each class has a different set of powers and also contains variations between each models of the same family.

At the beginning of the game, you pick a ship among the many models available. By leveling it up to its maximum, you will unlock new ships of the same series, new characteristics and passive skills : the subsystems. Split in five categories, the twenty three subsystems will shape a unique spaceship on every new game... But you’ll need some luck to get the perfect mix!

On Each level up, players will have to choose an upgrade among 3 random propositions. In the end, once a ship reach level 10 (the maximum level), the ship will always end up with five subsystems, two crew members and two items. There’s many possibilities and variations in these elements but only one subsystem by category can be picked.

With these rules, your spaceship will be unique and even if it is possible to shift toward part of the build that you’re aiming for, you’ll need to adapt to the game’s propositions and plan your strategy accordingly.

The destruction of your ship is permanent and you’ll lose its hull, its fit and its cargo, but the unlocked subsystems and the accumulated credits remain on your pilot account. Whatever happens, you’ll always keep on progressing and acquire new exciting subsystems, so you’ll never waste your time for nothing.

The keys to success are simple:

  • Skill
    The very essence of Shmup lives in your ability to dodge and fly. There is no point in charging hordes of enemies when you can quickly evade and defeat even the tightest squadron.

  • Reflexion
    An experienced pilot must know his ship and adapt to it. Knowing how to build a ship with what you’re given, optimising the core build to overcome the random generation and make the best of the situation are the main traits of the great champions.

  • Cooperation
    In deep space, your gang members are your best asset. Create a crew up to 10 players and enter the competition to become galaxy’s finest pilots. Take your seats on the gangs and pilots leaderboards, for glory and wealth.

  • Greed
    Being greedy isn’t always a bad habit, mostly when the risk is worth the reward. In high level sectors, the “Greed” bar will offer tremendous bonuses of conquest points and credits but beware... don’t open fire on more than you can take.


The Empire is hungry for conquest and you have to help because it’s your job. No need for a deep and complicated story, lose yourself in the exhilarating dogfights, exciting loot and achieve glory..Write your own story with your blood, sweat and tears and become an incredible pilot, a fierce conqueror or an undisputed leader… or all of the above… and more!


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Excellence in Game Design Award" BitSummit MMXIV
  • "Best of Technical Arts Award" Indie Stream FES 2014
  • "Excellence Award" 4Gamer, TGS 2014
  • "Excellence Award" Dengekionline, TGS 2014

Selected Articles

  • "The fact that the game is so fun and that I spent 4 hours on it without realizing made me want to look more into it."
    - Krayn, LFG - Jeuxvideo.com
  • "Famitsu chooses Gangs of Space for its quality and originality."
    - , Famitsu
  • "Gangs of Space keeps on surprising us, and I strongly advise you to vote for it."
    - Arthur Jeannin, Indius
  • "For a long time confined to a fixed scrolling, the SHMUP genre pushes back its limits here, and engages the player in a race to conquer an universe enriched by MMO features and the presence of other players."
    - Agahnon, jeuxonline.info
  • "Revolutionning indie games by innovative financing and community management."
    - Kiyoshi Shin, Nikkei

About Little Big MMO

Created in 2012 by Erhune and Grouroux, Little Big MMO is the studio behind Gangs of Space. Two people working on the game of their dreams, two friends who decide to go on the risky path of independent game development.

Both former employees of the renowned company Ankama, Erhune and Grouroux met in Roubaix’s Headquarters before heading to Japan and join the Japanese team in charge of managing Dofus and Wakfu’s Asian versions. Passionate about Shmup and MMO, their lives in Tokyo changed in a matter of days in 2011, after the earthquake and the tsunami that led to the Fukushima disaster. Facing the amplitude of the catastrophe, their values and views of the world changed. After a few months and their return to France, they decide to develop Gangs of Space, a mix between Ehrune’s passion for Shmup and the MMO that Grouroux is so fond of.

The game had many lives, it even took a shot at 4X type of games, but its essence always remained the same : a cooperative shmup with a hint of rogue like. Their game design was awarded at the Bit Summit 2014, pushing them to keep on the way they decided together. However, after working on their version for years, something was missing, something was lost. The game was real, but the pleasure had given ways to many constraints and lead the duo to dislike their own creation.

What could change their hearts ? How could they turn their back to the game they spent so much energy creating with passion ? What could be missing ? A simple thing, a really important one but easy to lose sight of : the fun. After weeks of deep introspection and doubts, the duo wipe the slate clean and come back to the essence of their game, the shmup, the MMO and the immediate fun.

Today, they are happy to play and proud to develop a title that finally looks like them and respect both their original vision and the players that believed in the project since the very beginning.

Steam’s Early Access is a new step for Gangs of Space Erhune and Grouroux want the game to be easily accessible to anyone, and that’s why they decided to release it Free To Play, with 3 fixed prices upgrades packs, but no microtransactions or in game shop whatsoever ! Doing otherwise would not be compatible with their original vision and would not be respectful to their player base. They want players to enjoy playing, either it’s for hours, weeks or years without being ever pushed to buy new accessories or pay to access blocked content.

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